Karen’s Dreamy Men List

Woody McClain is my husband so no touch. 🙂

Hey Y’all it’s your girls, The Original Bluebones, I just wanted to give a small insight on what I think is my preference of men or what type of man I would like.

idris elba james bond
1. Idris Elba

He is just a smooth dark skin chocolate brother. I just can’t with him. Ever since I first saw him, I always had the fattest crush on him. His accent is just everything and he’s African? Oh chai. Abeg, you no have wife. Come marry me now. Age ain’t nothing but a number.

2. Lance Gross

He is just another smooth dark skin chocolate brother that has my heart. Since I saw him on House of Panye, any movie or show that has him in it, I will watch it from start to finish just for him. Fun fact: He actually used to get teased for smiling so much, but he has one of the prettiest and most beautiful smiles I have ever seen. His daughter is so cute to put on top of that.

asap rocky asap mob vsvp

He be that pretty motherfu*ker, Harlem what he reppin. A$AP Rocky is one of my favorite artist and so cute to me. That smile, that fashion sense and he just speak truth like I know y’all have seen his videos of when he says “It’s a men world, but pussy make the world go ’round.” Since he came out, I have been following him since. I loved him in Dope (one of my favorite movies).

NBA basketball chance the rapper nba all star nba all star weekend
4. Chance the Rapper (Chancelor Johnathan Bennett)

This is my husband, this was so hard to choose a gif of him because I love him so much like he has my heart. He is the cutest thing alive, like if I could marry him I would. He is only 4 years older than I am. I love Chance the Rapper, everything about him just excites me. His lips, those cheekbones, his smile, he is such a jokester. I love him you guys. 95% of the time, if you see me and ask me what I am listening to, it’s one of his songs.

Image result for taylor bennett chance the rapper bisexual
5. Taylor Bennett (Yes, it’s Chancelor’s little brother)

I couldn’t find a gif of him, but yes it is his little brother. I love him just as much. Everything about Chance is the same reason why I love Taylor. I recently just go into his music too. Check out the song Grown Up Fairytales by Taylor, Chance, and Jeremih. I recently just found out that he is bisexual, but he’s still dreamy as hell.

Image result for luke james gif
6. Luke James

Luke James has one of those voices that you only wish that your boyfriend had just so he can sing to you at night. He is so fine, chai chai chai. I know he needs to sing em to sleep. He can hit ANY note. There’s literally a video of him hitting note they give him. His smile is so damn pretty. I just love him. My favorite song by him is I Want You.

Image result for woody mcclain
7. Woody McClain

For those who do not know, Woody McClain is one of the cutest out of the whole New Edition cast because I mean just look at him. Oh my goodness, that FREAKING SMILE! He is just so damn UGH! He needs to marry me, he can’t be single like he cannot be. He is just too damn sexy to be single. CHAI Woody, you just need to call me Mrs. Woody McClain.

8. Bryshere Y. Gray

Last but DEFINITELY not least. This is the one and only Bryshere Y. Gray, y’all seen him on Empire A.K.A Hakeem, (BTW I can’t wait until Empire comes back on. March 22nd, tuning in phone on Do Not Disturb lol). He is so cute and he has the sexiest lips and his dimple and his smile like LORDT I am not worthy! I actually am, I just want to hug him and feel his body lmao!

Well that is the top men of my list, for those who haven’t caught on the theme. I love guys with beautiful smiles, like if you have a beautiful smile and you approach me correctly and have good intentions. Your chances with me have increased by 100. Nisa and I will do a more deeper post on our preferences soon. SO be on the lookout!

Bluebone Signing Out!


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