Trying to make the home stretch

Hey it’s your favorite bluebone, Karen! Sorry I haven’t been posting too much, it’s just that school always comes first and I recently just started dancing, along with a thousand other things. BUT, regardless I lead myself back to Dark Skin & Mangos!

It’s the spring semester and a girl tired as hell!

The weather getting warmer, it’s pop out weather, and I just feel like not enough people going to see my outfit if I just be in class all day lol. (I’m kidding. Not that much.)

I’ve been struggling y’all. My GPA is looking like some a cheap ass gas price. I told my mom and she told me “Well, madam college. You betta be finding your way home.”

I said, “Mommy are you serious?”

She then said, “No, I’m comedian. Am I serious? Okay oh. Bye.” Then she hung up on me. African Parents 101 for you.

She had me laughing, she’s coming to get me so I can go back to the lovely Montgomery County of Maryland.

But, school has been weighing on my head trying to catch a 3.2 and above is like sort of harder than I thought because it’s spring semester and you know I just get lazy and I started dancing on campus and a couple of other things I tell you guys later.

Update on my life:

I am MORE THAN single and happily embracing the fact that I am.
 single ladies GIF
I’ve been doing that make me happy, dancing, writing WAY more.
I got myself a mentor and he is absolutely great, I appreciate him dearly.
I am in the process of getting a double major in Screenwriting & Animation with Multi-media Journalism with a minor in Creative Writing.
I surrounded myself with better friends (feels like a breath of fresh air).
I understand myself as a person and understand that people are NO longer going to push me around because I will set your whole life straight.

Unfortunately some negative things have happened to me, BUT that doesn’t outweigh the good that has happened.

Bluebone is signing out and I just moved back home for almost a week now. I’ve been sleeping my life away BUT this summer is my summer. I am claiming it now. 



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