Summer 2K17 & Updates

She’s Backkkkkkkkk!

Alright, alright. I’m back. My bad.

The summer has just caught up to me and I got lazy, but not to fret. I am back again. This summer really caught me by surprise and nipped me in the little butt. It just came out of nowhere and hit me like I did something wrong. I will update you guys on what’s been going on. 

Literally, I’ve gained weight and that’s what I wanted to do but the weight stopped because of my mother. Long story short, she felt like I shouldn’t have to gain weight that I should be happy with who I am. (Not saying that she is wrong, it’s just that-I know what I was doing and she was being WAY too over-dramatic.)

 annoyed ugh whatever eye roll anderson cooper GIF

But anyways, as some of you may know my birthday recently passed. Your girl turned 19. I did absolutely nothing for my birthday but sleep. Kind of blew me, but I was like whatever. I’ll turn up once I get back on campus. Speaking of campuses, I got an apartment on campus because I refuse to deal with a roommate again unless we are friends.
I gave the girl chance after chance and two weeks before the spring semester ended, she decided to bring her friends into our room. Yelling, screaming, and burping at 4-5am in the morning. Long story short about that, a fight was going to happen and I didn’t have time to be getting kicked out of school. (She not going to pay that $23k for me.) I’m excited to finally get my own room because I cannot. I mentally and emotionally cannot.

BUT ANYWHO, this summer has been focused on Karen being Karen. Simply because I was tired of putting everyone before my own damn self. I started writing my book (be on the lookout for it), applying for scholarships because that’s always the wave, and doing small things that make me happy. For an example, learning how to do makeup (which I am surprised that I am good at), budgeting money better, drinking more water, and I recently just made the choice for the umpteenth time to grow out my hair.

Of course, I wouldn’t be a girl without boy troubles! The minute they see you doing good, THEY WANT TO COME AND MESS THINGS UP. Like I didn’t ask for your bullshit! I didn’t ask you to approach me! SO WHY ARE YOU COMING AND MESSING UP MY FLOW?Continuing on, I promise I’ll start posting more. This summer just really blew me (insert rolling eyes emoji); but they always said small setback for a major comeback.

Best believe I will be coming back faster, stronger, and gunning for them goals. And when I aim, I aim with a precision and I don’t ever miss.

Bluebone signing out!


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